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I have been doing a lot of networking with local businesses over the last 4 months and I wanted to look at how I can add value to these businesses looking at some of the areas which I have found an issue as a business owner myself.

So I am looking at offering Business Owners Image Packs to help support them by lowering the cost of their photography and offering them the chance to spread the cost over a few months.

Image Packs can be used to get key images for the business today but also pre buy a select number of images in advance of needing them. This in turn cuts the cost of each image from the standard £30 per image to as low as £9 per an image.

Business Owners Image Packs

1 - 3 = £30 per image

4 - 9 = £26 per image

10 - 19 = £22 per image

20 - 38 = £18 per image

39 - 57 = £15 per image

58 - 76 = £12 per image

77 - 99 = £11 per image

100 - 199 = £10 per image

200 plus = £9 per image

I would look to want to as always sit down with you face to face to truly understand what you need from your new images and then work out the best way to go forward and gain some feedback on if the image packs would work for you and your business.

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