About Square Freedom Photography

It's All About The Experience

The Mission

To Create Scroll Stopping Visual Content which helps get people talking about the businesses we help. Giving you content to tell the story of your business in a way that gets your clients to stop and interact with your Product & Service Offering.

Photography is just the front cover of your brand - How you use the finished results, will be the chapters of your story!

The Vision

Businesses and Brands realising the full potential of Creative Content Marketing, and the impact of using the power of Story Telling, to create a Return On Investment.

Improving Imagery for Businesses and Brands because we are still - Creating Scroll Stoppers!

Untitled photo
Untitled photo

So Why Choose Us?

Apart from the basic expectation of High Quality Work, Hard Working and a Desire to Deliver Beyond your Expectations, here are some other reasons to book me as your next Commercial Photographer.

- Custom Packages

- Creative Editing Skills

- Bespoke Service for Unique Creations

- No Hidden Costs

- Speedy Turnaround

- Service With A Smile

Our Values


Working with respect, accountability, responsibility and honesty to ensure we always deliver for our clients and team.

Creative Solutions

We believe that for every problem there is a creative solution. Lets dream up the next Scroll Stopping Visual Content and we will find the Creative Solution to make it happen.


Building a team of Creatives which can share ideas and come together to deliver new ideas for our clients to stand out.


We strive to meet the highest standard in everything we do, from the service you receive to the finished product.


To never stand still as we must always adapt and embrace innovation and change to best support our business and clients success. Follow through on the best ideas and make them happen.

SF Photography - Ensuring that you and your brand looks Striking, with the use of Creative Editing & Lighting!