Corporate Head Shots

Before The Session

Photography is something I am very passionate about. I aim to fully understand what you are looking for from your Corporate Head Shots by ensuring we spend the time needed to deliver this for you.

In terms of what to wear, keep it simple. Think about what image you want to portray in the Head Shot. Do you want it to show a relaxed, no tie and top button undone? Do you need it to be a full suit freshly pressed the night before? If you want to have a mixer of Head Shots which have the suited version of you for PR and the relaxed version of you for the internal company newsletter, then bring a combination, avoiding patterns, logos and stripes. We can set up a Mood Board on Pinterest if this works for you.

With make-up, again keep it simple - going for a natural look with light touch ups will be perfect. There will be time to touch up and re-do hair as we go. I can also provide a make up artist if you require one.

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During The Session

I want you to feel as relaxed as possible. Due to having such a flexible way of working and allowing clients to put together packages which suits their needs, every session is different.

However, if you are looking for a range of looks then during the session, we'll have multiple set-ups using different lighting, mood and backgrounds over the course of the shoot. We can review the images throughout the shoot to ensure we’re getting the Head Shots you want.

The main thing is to enjoy it. I love meeting new clients and it’s a lot of fun getting the Head Shots we know will work for you. Even the most nervous or self-conscious client soon relaxes into it.

After The Session

The Proofing Of The Images

I'll personally go through all the photos and present your strongest Head Shots in a Password Protected Online Gallery.

Retouching Of The Images

I will ensure that all images have a basic retouch. If you require further retouching of any of the images then this will be completed as part of any prearrangement or email agreement and then I will update these in your online gallery for approval.

Printing Of The Images

If you would like any of your images printed then I will ensure that the highest quality print lab is used based on your needs for the printed Head Shot. I will also keep your Online Gallery active for 12 months so you can order reprints at any time or if you wish to have additional Head Shots retouched in the future.

Digital Downloading Of The Images

In this digital age, I understand that it is important to my clients to have a digital version of their Head Shot to share online and also have the option to have it printed in the future. So I offer packages and optional extras which include High Res Digital Images. To ensure your images will do what you need them to do when sharing online or using in printed media, please do ask and share your plans as I am happy to ensure the images work for the way you envision.

Get In Touch Today

Delivering an outstanding service and product which lasts in the memory of our clients, as well as in its physical form, is so important to us that we make it our standard to offer a service which delivers beyond the clients expectations.

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Facebook: SquareFreedomPhotography

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